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Air polishing is a rapidly growing technology that improves your teeth’ appearance and prevents gum disease. This is a procedure that uses the combination of compressed Air and fine water powder to eliminate stains and plaque from teeth. It is also used to gently clean under the gum line and around braces implants, crowns, bridges, and traditional fillings.

This blog discusses in detail about air-polishing procedure and its advantages.

Why Air polishing Procedure is better than traditional cleaning?

Teeth stains and plaque buildup are caused due to drinking tea, red wine, coffee and unhealthy habits such as smoking. The bacteria in plaque buildup can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. If leftover after brushing, the plaque may become hardened on the surfaces of teeth and beneath the gum line. This is called tartar. 

Hygienists generally use scaling pastes to eliminate the stain and plaque. This Procedure takes extended and often painful appointments to make a smile appear more radiant. But with the air polishing procedure, it is possible to reduce the time spent and more relaxing treatment for patients. 

Air polishing Procedure to remove stain and plaque

Since air-polishing uses a jet process, these devices can penetrate into places where stains and plaque are tough to get rid of. The powders used in this method are smaller than pastes. It can effectively polish teeth without causing unnecessary wear and wear on the enamel.

Air polishing is also strong enough to blast away the plaque and tartar, thus reducing the necessity for traditional scaling techniques. Since only ultra-fine particles are used in this process, the Procedure does not affect soft tissues and allows easy access under the gum line.

Some advantages weybridge treatments are mentioned below.

You can see Instant Results.

Studies have proven that air polishing is three times faster in removing plaque and stains than traditional cleaning techniques. This means less time in the chair for patients and fewer interruptions. The teeth are cleaned less abrasive instead of polishing and scraping. This can cause less damage to teeth. The smallest decay spots are gently cleaned away without the need to drill into the healthy structures that is the teeth.

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Reduces Teeth Sensitivity 

Air Polishing is a great option for those with sensitive teeth. This is not just because of the absence of direct contact or lack of vibration but also because the tiny micro-particles of powder can fill in any dentine tubules exposed and decrease dental sensitivity. Airflow polishing may also aid in remineralisation for the damaged or missing teeth.

Cleans Tough Stains and Plaque

This Procedure eliminates discolouration caused by smoking cigarettes or drinking wine and coffee. It helps to whiten teeth while effectively removing plaque from the teeth. This method is highly effective and improves the comfort of patients by polishing with no the use of pressure, direct contact or sound. It also does not cause any noise or heat. It is far superior to conventional periodontal treatment methods.

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