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Dental treatment is expensive in the UK, and it isn’t easy to determine whether you’re getting a fair cost for the dental treatment in UK. They also vary based on the dentists and location throughout the UK. This could make things difficult when finding the lowest price for a procedure or choosing a clinic for your dental needs. You may have also noticed that NHS dental fees usually increase little each year.

75% of the dental practice in the UK comprise mixed practice, offering both private and NHS dental care. Therefore, it could be quite confusing once you begin to compare the prices of both.

We will discuss the costs of private dental care to make things easier in detail.

What’s the general cost of visiting the dentist?

The cost of an appointment with a dentist will vary based on whether you’re receiving NHS treatment or private. You should be ready to pay the total amount for private dental care. 

Private dentistry is dental care offered by dentists or other dental specialists (DCP). However, the NHS does not cover it.

Private clinic Dental Charges

Private dental treatment is more expensive than an equivalent NHS treatment dentures  in most instances. There are a few key factors that can affect the cost of private dental services:

  • The dental procedure determines the costs of private dental treatment.
  • The payment can be made a capitation-based insurance plan for dental or repaid through dental insurance.
  • Private dentistry offers the widest  treatments, including cosmetic and aesthetic procedures.
  • The cost of private treatment is subject to a large amount since the price is set by the clinic and is not controlled by the Government.

Your dentist will inform you of the charges incurred – NHS or private – before commencing the treatment. 

The fact that you are receiving private treatment does not mean you’ll lose eligibility for NHS dental care at a dentist.

NHS Dental Charges

When you get NHS dental services in the UK, the Government subsidies the cost of treatments. However, the amount you spend for treatment does not directly go to the dentist treating you. The system is also different based on your location and which part of the UK. NHS Dental Costs differ, and you’ll be charged 80% of the dental cost in the amount up to a maximum amount of £390.

However, treatment for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons won’t usually be offered on the NHS, and you’ll need to pay privately for it.

What is the private dental treatment price in the UK?

As mentioned earlier, prices can differ depending on the dentist, their location and, most importantly, the type of treatments. 

Let’s look at a few cost ranges of various dental procedures.

Root Canal Treatment Cost

Root canal therapy shields a tooth, preventing nerve damage from injury or decay. It involves drilling into the middle of the tooth to cut off the nerve, cleaning the resultant hole using chemicals, and filing the tooth before putting the filling within.

This procedure is available through the NHS as well as private treatment. If you receive private treatment, the cost is per visit or each tooth. The cost range of private dental treatment for root canal uk varies between £95 to £700 based on the complexity of the procedure.

Dental Crown

A dental crown is a tooth-like cap to protect weak or damaged teeth. Crowns may also be put on a tooth following a root canal or to enhance a tooth’s aesthetic appearance. The procedure is offered at the NHS, but it is impossible to get crowns for only aesthetic reasons.

Dental Crowns at private clinics vary between £350 and £1,100, based on the type of crown and the material.

Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings are the process of restoring a damaged tooth due to decay. The dentist will drill out the tooth’s decayed portion, clean the remaining cavity and fill it with a type of filling. This is a procedure that aids in stopping tooth decay and prolonging the life of the tooth. If you opt for a private clinic, unlike the NHS. You’ll have additional options like:

  • Gold
  • Composites
  • Ceramic
  • Amalgam
  • Glass Ionomer

You’ll be offered to choose the type of filling at private clinics. Prices for Dental fillings in the UK range from £40 to £250, depending on the filling type you select.

Cost of Dental Emergencies

The cost of dental emergencies is higher than regular appointments, in particular, if you are not registered with the clinic. Private dental emergency appointments could cost around £150 and above in the UK. Whereas NHS UK a minimal fee of £23.80 will be charged.

Free NHS dental treatment eligibility

If any of the following conditions apply when your treatment begins, you’ll qualify for free NHS dental treatment.

  • Aged less than 18 or 19 years and are in full-time education.
  • You are pregnant or had a child in the past 12 months
  • You are an NHS dental hospital outpatient, although you could be required to pay for bridges or dentures

Private Dentistry Vs. NHS

The distinction between NHS and private dental prices is quite simple. It is a predetermined amount for the treatment in the NHS, but you do not have to pay the entire cost. If you visit a private dentist, the cost is substantially higher as you pay the whole treatment cost.

On the bright side, if you choose to go privately, there’s a lower wait time, and more treatment options than the NHS can offer. Other options are available to sign up for a monthly payment plan for private dentists, but this is not an option for the NHS.

Be mindful that if you decide to go to a private dentist, you will not lose the ability to see an NHS dentist again.

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