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What are Cavities or Tooth Decay? Common Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Tooth decay or cavity

We often hear the word ‘cavities’ or ‘tooth decay’ mentioned at the dentist’s or in toothpaste commercials. So, what are cavities or tooth decay? Tooth decay occurs when acid is produced from the plaque in your mouth. Plaque is the bacteria which grows on the surfaces of your teeth, You will be more prone to […]

How Can tooth erosion Be Fixed?

Root canal treatment

Tooth erosion is the loss of tooth enamel, the hard substance that covers and protects our teeth, caused by acid. Even if your teeth look healthy, acids in everyday food and drink can wear away the enamel, causing erosion and exposing the softer, more sensitive underlying part of the tooth called dentine. Tooth erosion has […]

Impacted Canine Tooth in Post House Dental in UK

General Dentistry

Canines are the pointy corner teeth, often known as “fangs”. Humans have four: two in each upper and lower jaw. An impacted tooth is when it fails to grow in the correct position, and has been blocked from breaking through the gum. Often, they have no symptoms during the growth period and are only picked […]

Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease

Emergency Dental Service

There are many different treatment options for gum disease, such as root planing. This is where a dentist performs a deep clean underneath the tooth, at the root. Whilst this is still an option, new developments in dentistry mean that gum disease can now also be treated with laser surgery. So is laser dentistry for […]

Everything you Need to Know about Self-Ligating Braces

What to eat with braces

Traditional braces comprise wires, brackets, and an elastic band. Metal braces were the primary choice to straighten your teeth. However, the field of orthodontics has dramatically transformed in recent years.  There are many alternative techniques when it comes to straightening your teeth. With constant advances in self-ligating braces, you can have a better, easier alignment […]

The Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth – Dental Dentures

Dental Denture

Dentures are detachable equipment fixed into a patient’s mouth to offer the appearance and feature of natural teeth. They can be customised to your requirements and are divided into complete dentures or partial dentures based on the patient’s oral condition. A partial denture is used if you have a few missing teeth, Whereas complete dentures […]

Enamel Hypoplasia Causes and Treatment

The enamel is the transparent, protective layer on the outer part of the teeth. It helps keep teeth healthy and strong! If you notice discolourations or a crack in your teeth, you may be experiencing enamel hypoplasia. In this condition, the enamel wears down. You may notice white spots or brown to yellow staining pits, […]

Air Polishing – The Most Effective Teeth Cleaning Method

Air polishing is a rapidly growing technology that improves your teeth’ appearance and prevents gum disease. This is a procedure that uses the combination of compressed Air and fine water powder to eliminate stains and plaque from teeth. It is also used to gently clean under the gum line and around braces implants, crowns, bridges, […]

Tooth Bonding Treatments – Procedure and Cost in the UK

Dental bonding is an easy alternative for teeth restoration. Tooth Bonding can enhance the appearance and longevity of teeth that are damaged or discoloured. The blog explains the four dental issues that tooth bonding procedures can correct. Tooth Bonding Procedure The affected tooth is prepared before the procedure. To correct the teet’s shape removing a […]

Plaque Vs Tartar | What is the difference and How to Prevent them?

Plaque and tartar can build up in anyone’s mouth. They appear due to daily functions, such as eating food, drinking tea or coffee. Although plaque and tartar are common, they are preventable. When you spot the formation of plaque or tartar, you can take steps to get rid of them and prevent them from reappearing.  […]