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Root Canal Treatment: Saving Smiles with Post House Dental

Root Canal Treatment

We will delve into the topic of root canal treatment and how Post House Dental is committed to preserving smiles and promoting oral health through this essential dental procedure. We specialised in dental procedures designed to save severely damaged or infected teeth. When the soft pulp inside a tooth becomes infected due to deep decay, […]

Why is Bone Graft Dental Procedure Essential for Your Oral Health?

Bone Graft Dental Post House Dental

What is a Bone Graft Dental Procedure? A bone graft dental procedure involves transplanting bone tissue to an area where bone loss has occurred. The graft material may come from various sources, such as the patient’s own body (autogenous bone graft), a donor (allogenic bone graft), or synthetic materials (alloplastic bone graft). The bone graft […]

Dental Implant Consultation and Cost in Post House Dental

Tooth Treatments

Dental implants, including NHS options at Post House Dental, involve a comprehensive process and a substantial investment compared to other treatment alternatives. Patients in need of dental implants will undergo a thorough evaluation of their health history and oral health, including potential preparatory procedures, to ensure the successful placement of their implants. After assessing your […]

Dental Treatments Offered in Post House Dental UK

Preventative Dentistry

Post House Dental is a modern clinic operating in Surrey, UK, for more than 35 years. Weybridge professionals use cutting-edge dental technology for all types of advanced dental practice treatments. We also utilise the latest techniques in preventative and biomimetic dentistry. This blog discusses the various dental treatments offered at Post House Dental UK. What […]

Why Choose Dental Implants in Post House Dental?

Dental Implants 1

At Post House Dental, we offer dental implant treatment to our patients who are missing one or more teeth. Here’s everything you need to know about dental implants and our dental implant services. If you’re missing teeth, you’re not independent. Millions of people around the world experience tooth loss due to various reasons, including decay, […]

How do I know if I have Gum Disease?

Tooth pain when you eat

Did you know that many people suffer from gum disease without actually being aware of it? It is one of those hidden health issues that can be easily overlooked, yet can cause a lot of damage to your oral health. When we book our regular check-ups with our dentist we are often concerned with the […]

What is Invisalign treatment? Wearing Invisible Braces

Sinus Lifts

When our teeth are not properly aligned and appear crooked, they can take away from the beauty of our smile. It is also harder to clean teeth when they are crooked, so the potential of getting the periodontal disease and tooth decay can be increased because of improper oral hygiene. Periodontal disease causes damage to […]

Receding gums causes and symptoms

Tooth pain when you eat

Receding gums are when the gums get pushed back or wear away, revealing the pink tissue that covers the root of the teeth. This can be problematic, as the tooth is left at risk of sensitivity, decay, infection and in severe cases – loss. However, you don’t need to worry. If caught early, receding gums […]

Bruxism Symptoms: Are You Harming Your Teeth?

Airflow System

Do you find yourself waking up in the morning with a sore jaw or headache? Do you have stiffness in your jaw or sensitive, damaged teeth? You may be suffering from Bruxism. This post will cover the main Bruxism symptoms and how to manage these. What is Bruxism? Bruxism is the grinding and clenching of […]

What is a Dental splint, and Why are they necessary?


Dental Splint is primarily utilised to treat loose teeth. If a tooth becomes loose, splinting is performed to join the teeth. It assists in reducing the biting force on a set of teeth. This blog discusses the procedure and types of dental splints and costs available for treatments. Why is a dental splint necessary? When […]