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Many people suffer from common dental problems such as tooth loss, cavities, and crooked teeth. This is mostly due to the lack of knowledge about oral hygiene. Teeth are also important like every other part of our body – the strain they get from biting or grinding will damage your teeth if not taken care of properly. 

The most essential part of oral hygiene is brushing and flossing regularly. It also includes regular visits to your dentist and avoiding food that can harm your teeth. 

 This blog will explain the most common dental issues, what causes them, and how to prevent them. 

Dental Cavities

Dental cavities are common dental problems and can be seen in young children. They are caused due to plaque formation on your teeth. Bacteria inside your mouth feed on sugary substances and degenerate your teeth.

Children get Cavities because of their sugar and don’t have the proper discipline to follow proper oral hygiene. 

Some symptoms of dental cavities are: 

  • Toothache 
  • Sensitivity 
  • Visible holes on your teeth 
  • Tooth stains 
  • Pain when eating

Preventive measures for Dental Cavities

Avoid high sugary food products like ice cream, cakes and sweets.

Brush your teeth after eating to help clean the plaque buildup. 

Rinse your mouth after every meal

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Gum Disease

Gum disease is a condition commonly seen in adults. It has three developing stages starting from gum disease. Gingivitis is reversible but, if not treated consequently, may lead to a more severe condition – Periodontists. 

 Periodontists must be treated as soon as possible; it can lead to tooth infection or even tooth loss. 

Some symptoms of gum disease are:  

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen, red gums 
  • Loose Teeth
  • Bad Breath
  • Pus development

Preventive measures for Gum Disease

Brushing at least two times a day makes a difference.  

A tartar preventive toothpaste will prevent tartar and plaque formation. 

Get regular dental cleaning every 3 months. 

Crooked Teeth

Crooked Teeth is an alignment issue that ultimately leads to temporomandibular jaw complaint or TMJ. When adult teeth are formed in a peculiar position, it leads to crooked teeth. Braces are the best solution for crooked teeth. There are metal, lingual, and invisible braces – Your dentist will suggest the best option based on your condition.

Some symptoms of crooked teeth are: 

  • Odd alignment of teeth
  • Abnormal appearance of the face
  • Difficulty or pain when chewing or biting
  • Speech or eating difficulties 

Preventive measures for Crooked Teeth

Encourage children to maintain good oral hygiene.

Treatment of tooth decay in young children.

Avoid oral habits like thumb-sucking, mouth-breathing, etc.

Extraction of any additional teeth. 

Root Canal Infection 

Root canal infection occurs when bacteria infect your tooth’s inner part called a pulp. You will experience severe toothaches in the affected area. A root canal treatment is advised for this condition. Dentists give general anaesthesia, remove the infected area and seal the tooth with a special filling. This procedure is necessary as it saves the affected tooth and prevents infection from spreading.

Some symptoms of root canal infection are: 

  • Tooth pain
  • Bad Breath
  • Swelling of gums
  • Stain or cavities

Preventive measures for Root Canal Infection

Avoid hard foods such as candies and sweets.

Wear a mouth guard at night.

Avoid acidic drinks such as soda and citrus juices.

Get your tooth pain checked out immediately. 

Final Thoughts! 

Dental problems can be averted and fully avoided if you be responsible for your oral health. However, you should be fidelity to your oral hygiene, If you take hours a day in the spa to keep your figure. 

Keeping your oral health up by avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol etc., that contributes to plaque buildup helps improve your oral hygiene. We at Post House Dental provide treatments for all dental conditions. If you experience any symptoms like toothache, you can consult us for assistance.