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What are the biggest crowded teeth causes and how can this be fixed? Having crowded teeth means that there is a disharmony between the size of your teeth and the size of your jaw.

This causes teeth to become crooked or wonky. Brushing crowded areas can be difficult and this means that bacteria can gather more readily in the mouth. And this could lead to tooth decay, discomfort or even difficulty in chewing. Those with crowded teeth may also feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smile.

Having crowded teeth can be distressing, and you may want to know why this has happened and how to fix it. So, what are some common crowded teeth causes and solutions?

Why are my teeth crowded?


One of the reasons many people have crowded teeth is because of an injury to their mouth, generally in childhood. Their jaw has become misaligned and adult teeth have had difficulty growing in. If you are aware of such an injury, this is most likely to be the reason for your crowded teeth.

Thumb sucking/pacifier

Likewise, many young children suck their thumb or rely on pacifiers. Whilst doing so occasionally causes little concern, prolonged thumb sucking can cause many problems. This could lead to the improper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth. It also affects the roof of the mouth. Therefore, whilst this isn’t something you can change in adulthood, it is important for parents to encourage children to break the habit.

Airway obstruction

Young children with airway obstructions can also end up having crowded teeth, as they may not be able to breathe properly through their nose. This then means that they rely on breathing through their mouth, which can affect the way their faces grow and cause the teeth to be misaligned.

What are the solutions?


Braces are the most common and successful way to treat crowded teeth. They can move your teeth by putting pressure on them for extended periods of time, nudging the shape of the jaw to change. Whilst braces are generally used in adolescence, it is becoming more common for people to get them later in life, especially now that there are a variety of less visible options available. If you think you might need braces, make an appointment with your dentist, who can refer you to an orthodontist.

Tooth removal

In some cases, tooth removal may be needed to treat crowded teeth. This is because there simply isn’t enough space for the teeth to align properly and your orthodontist needs to eliminate overcrowding. Once the tooth has been removed, the braces may be needed to move the remaining teeth to the right place. Some people also have extra teeth, which may be the cause of crowding, to begin with.

Reshaping or bonding

Your crowded teeth may also be twisted or crooked because they haven’t aligned properly, and this means that you may need your teeth to be reshaped or bonded, which involves smoothing and shaping the tooth, alongside filling any gaps with a putty-like resin. This will change the appearance of your smile and causes no discomfort.

If you’re worried about crowded teeth, book an appointment with your dentist today.