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Dental implants, including NHS options at Post House Dental, involve a comprehensive process and a substantial investment compared to other treatment alternatives. Patients in need of dental implants will undergo a thorough evaluation of their health history and oral health, including potential preparatory procedures, to ensure the successful placement of their implants.

After assessing your requirements, the doctor will give you an exact treatment schedule and an estimate of how much you will pay for your treatment. You will be given all the details you require to know if dental implants are the right choice for you. 

This blog discusses the dental implant consultation procedure and its cost at Post House Dental in the UK.

Your First Consultation for a Dental Implant

In your first consultation, Your doctor will perform tests to determine if you’re suitable to receive dental implants.

Medical Record 

The advancement in medical technology has allowed dental implants to be accessible to many patients. However, there are a few circumstances that affect the healing process and the success of implants. For example, in diabetic patients, senior patients and heart patients may not be suitable for a dental implant.

The dentist will go over your medical history to establish if you’re healthy enough for the procedure. It is essential to provide a complete list of the medicines you currently take. The first consultation is a great way to offer a relaxing, comfortable space to discuss the benefits of implants and eligibility to receive treatment. 

Oral Health Condition

The dentist performs a complete oral exam. A thorough examination of your remaining teeth will establish the need for extractions. Your dentist will also assess your health in the periodontal area and check for signs of recession in the gum or pockets. If you’re diagnosed with periodontal disease, you’ll need treatment. Gum disease can cause implants to be lost and peri-implantitis if ignored. 

Bone Density

Your jawbone must be strong to support dental implants. The dentist conducts X-rays to evaluate the size and quality of your jawbone. If you are suffering from loss of jawbone because of missing teeth or any other cause, you may require preparation procedures like the bone graft or sinus lift procedure. Dental implants within grafted tissue performed equally well compared to implants implanted in bone tissue that is not augmented. 

Explaining your Treatment 

After reviewing your medical history, oral health and the health of your bones, Your dentist will provide a treatment plan along with a breakdown of expected costs. Based on the complexity of your situation and the need for preparatory treatments for your treatment, it is likely to be completed within four months to one year. The majority of patients will recover within three months after implant surgery.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The price of your procedure will be based on various aspects, including the number of teeth and the type of restoration you select. If you’re replacing only one tooth, the cost will be significantly less than replacing an entire dental arch. 

The consultation will provide more details about the number of implants needed and the procedure for surgery. The dentist will provide you with an estimate of the price and the full treatment plan, including the timeframe. The procedure also includes a 3D scan.

Dental implants have proven better than dentures as they remain stable and prevent jawbone degeneration. Implants provide the sensation of a natural tooth when implanted in your oral cavity. Here at Post House Dental, we offer the finest dental implant solutions. We assure you that we can provide an affordable dental implant. For more information, visit our website!