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Emergencies, like dental issues, can strike without warning. Knowing where to find swift and effective care is vital. At Post House Dental, we prioritize urgent situations, offering exceptional treatment. Our specialized Emergency Dental Clinic is fully equipped to address a variety of pressing dental concerns. Whether you need immediate services or urgent treatment, our expert team is ready to assist you. Schedule an appointment today for our dedicated Emergency Dental Service and receive the timely care you require.

Emergency Examinations and Diagnostics

The first step in any emergency dental care situation is a thorough examination to identify the root cause of the issue. Our experienced dental professionals at Post House Dental will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, which may include X-rays and other diagnostic tests to precisely diagnose the problem.

Relief from Toothaches

Toothaches can range from mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. Post House Dental offers swift and effective pain relief solutions to alleviate your discomfort. Depending on the severity and cause of the pain, treatments may include dental fillings, root canal therapy, or extractions if necessary.

Management of Abscesses and Infections

Dental abscesses and infections are serious conditions that require immediate attention. Post House Dental provides expert care to address these issues. This may involve draining the abscess, prescribing antibiotics, and, in severe cases, performing a root canal procedure to save the affected tooth.

Denture and Crown Repairs

If you wear dentures or have dental crowns, damage or dislodgement can be distressing. Post House Dental offers prompt repair services to ensure your oral appliances are functioning optimally.

Whether you’re grappling with a sudden toothache, dental trauma, or any urgent dental concern, rest assured, you can rely on us for the care you require. Don’t hesitate to contact Post House Dental in the event of any dental emergency – we stand ready to assist you