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Microscope enhanced dentistry

What is a dental microscope?

A dental microscope provides extremely high power magnification and clarity for use with nearly all dental procedures. Dental microscopes have revolutionised the field of operative and surgical dentistry. Magnification has been used in dentistry for many years but the use of microscopes is still in its infancy.

Why use a dental microscope?

Dental microscopes provide enhanced precision through magnification. Nearly every procedure can now be carried out under microscopes which result in:

  • Better vision for accurate diagnosis
  • Minimally invasive dental interventions
  • Precision-fit restorations for longevity and biocompatibility
  • Documentation and patient communication

Why Post House Dental are unique

At WDP, we have been using microscopes for routine procedures for nearly 10 years.

We use the Opmi pico surgical microscope from Zeiss, who are industry leading in this field.

The microscope has both HD video and photo capabilities to enable excellent documentation and patient communication. We accept referrals from other dentists for microscope enhanced dental procedures and we also mentor other dentists in using microscopes.

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