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Dental implants are made today to replace one or several missing teeth. They resemble and function like a natural tooth. Unlike dentures, implants do not slip while you eat or speak. Dental implants have become the best tooth replacement alternative with a nearly 98% success rate. 

This blog discusses the advantages and costs of a single tooth dental implant.

What is a Single-tooth Dental Implant?

If you are missing only a single tooth- a single tooth dental implant is the best option to replace the missing tooth’s crown. The procedure is simple, and only a few appointments are required.

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The procedure of Single-tooth Dental Implant

After your mouth has been numbed, an incision is made in the gums to reveal the underlying bone where the implant is to be positioned. Your dentist will then use a unique drill that creates a hole for the implant to be inserted. The implant is then fixated into the slot. After the procedure, the gums are stitched lower back over the implant, and it is left to heal for a few months. Once the bones generate around the implant, your dentist will attach a locator to fix the artificial tooth.

The duration depends on the bone density and the patient’s oral health. The average time taken can last up to 6 to 8 months.

Advantages of Single-tooth Dental Implant

A few advantages of single tooth dental implants over dental bridges and dentures are listed below.

Improved appearance. 

Your dental implant can be custom-created to resemble your natural tooth. And since they fuse together along with your jaw bone, they improve comfort. 

Improved speech. 

If your dentures have been equipped poorly, they can slip while talking. You could communicate without fear that the dentures may slip with a dental implant. 

Healthier Diet.

While dentures could make chewing difficult, implants feature like your natural tooth. You can consume your favourite meals with dental implants. 

Improved oral hygiene.

Adjacent teeth aren’t altered for the implant procedure, which improves your oral hygiene. Implants are long-lasting and could even last for a lifetime if maintained. 

Cost of a Single-tooth Dental Implant

The average cost for a single tooth dental implant varies between £1500 to £5500. The implant components such as the replacements, the attachment and crown all come under this cost. 

They are worth the cost since they are custom-made and everlasting. Even if the price is higher, there’s no chance of cavities or complicated oral fitness issues later. For that reason, you can consider this as the best option.


Even though there are various other tooth replacement options such as dentures, dental bridges etc., if you are only missing a single tooth – The single tooth dental implant will be the right option. Considering the fact that they last for a long time and none other teeth are damaged in the process, your dentist will recommend this option if you are a suitable candidate.

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