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Patient Testimonials

East Molesey, Surrey

Anwar Hasan

When I switched to Post House Dental my expectations were quite basic. A couple of years association with the Practice later, I realised that the establishment is much more than just a good dental surgery. What sets Post House Dental apart from the rest is its holistic approach to treatment. My first appointment at the Practice started with a detailed discussion with Mr Bahader Panesar on my expectations.

This discussion was then followed by a thorough assessment before I was given a consultation on all the treatment options available to me on short and long term basis – with good function and natural aesthetics always at the heart of all these options. After receiving the treatment – which lasted nearly a year – I realised that my quality of life enhanced in more ways than I anticipated. In addition to being able to devour medium-rare steaks, my confidence in professional and social interactions has now increased many folds, thanks to the functional side of the treatment.

Moreover, before and during my treatment, the Post House Dental’s Practice Manager & Treatment Coordinator, Christina Fernandez, helped me immensely with devising payment options that suited my financial circumstances and did her best in organising treatment appointments on or around my preferred dates and times. Regardless of how high your expectations are from your dental surgery, Post House Dental can never disappoint you.

Finding a good dentist hasn’t been easy. Fortunately for me, my neighbours recommended Post House Dental and I found a great one. My dentists’ main emphasis is placed on oral hygiene and the prevention of tooth decay. By taking on board his expert advice, and attending regular check-ups that include visits to the dental hygienist, I have managed to achieve this.

On a rare occasion, when I have required dental treatment it has been completed with a level of excellence and care that I have not experienced at any other dental practice. The aftercare service is second to none and is managed by staff that are approachable, polite, friendly and professional.  I cannot recommend Post House Dental highly enough.

Tim Richardson

I have been a longstanding patient at Post House Dental, as a type 1 diabetic my regular check-ups with the team forms a critical part of my ongoing health care routine.

Bahader, Chrissy and the team have been really exceptional in terms of the quality of support and advice provided to me over the years. From general maintenance, regular hygienist visits and even advice of teeth whitening – I have nothing but praise for the service provided.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Post House Dental to anybody looking for high quality and value for money Dental Practice

Jan 2020

Duncan Wyeth

I had known for some time that major work was going to be needed with my teeth; however, no one could have imagined the problems that I was going to face. To put it plainly I feel that Bahader saved my life.

I had suffered from bruxism for many years and to be frank there was not much of my teeth left.  As a result, I was constantly biting my lip and often drawing blood. Things came to a head when I actually bit clean through my tongue.  The result was so traumatic that I was unable to work for days simply because I couldn’t talk. Clearly the time had come to get something done.

I saw Bahader back in 2016 and agreed a course of action that would essentially see him rebuild my own teeth.  We considered all the options and it became clear to me that a full rebuild was the only way to a happy future.   Putting function ahead of everything Bahader began the somewhat mammoth project in 2016 by rebuilding my front teeth to regain control of my bite.  The results were astounding and instantly beneficial. Over the next 18 months, we embarked on a series of regular trips to cap and crown almost all of the remaining teeth.  Now I have a full set of healthy, straight and functional teeth. For the first time in years, I can smile with confidence and eat without fear.

It’s almost 3 years since I bit through my tongue, I will never forget that pain but it was the trigger to act and I am so happy that I did.  It may sound like a dramatic statement but I genuinely believe that Bahader had such a profound effect on my life it’s fair to say he saved it.

Jan 2020

Mr Peter Corke

The practice is friendly and welcoming, with a professional approach which inspires confidence. In particular, the dental practitioner pays attention to ensuring that the patient knows what treatments are recommended to be done, with the available options outlined. The overall result is a very satisfactory experience.

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