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How do you get rid of tooth pain from nerve endings? Tooth pain generally stems from inflammation in the central point of the tooth, which contains nerve endings that are extremely sensitive. This inflammation may be caused by cavities, erosion or broken teeth.

Most of us have experienced tooth pain at some point in our lives. It can be sharp or dull and make us feel quite unwell, often causing headaches or jaw pain. It can also have a significant impact on our mental well-being, affecting our sleep and the way we feel from day-to-day. So how can we get rid of tooth pain from a nerve?

Rinse your mouth

It’s always important to maintain a good level of oral hygiene, but when you have tooth pain this is essential. Food getting caught in and around the tooth can make the pain worse, and could lead to an infection. So, make sure that you are regularly rinsing your mouth with warm water or saline water to avoid any debris forming. Try not to swish too hard though, as this could aggravate the inflamed area and cause further pain.


Like any injury, ice is effective at reducing swelling and decreasing pain in the area. Cover ice cubes or a clean ice pack with a cloth and hold it to the swollen area, pressing gently but firmly. Whilst the cold might be uncomfortable, the ice will soothe the soreness and reduce inflammation. Repeat this throughout the day, as many times as you need.

Watch what you eat

When we have pain in our mouths, eating can be difficult and cause further discomfort. So, when you have tooth pain, it’s important to be aware of what you’re eating and how it might impact the sore area. Try to avoid foods that are excessively crunchy like apples, raw vegetables or granola, and steer clear of anything that is too hot or too cold, as this can aggravate sensitive teeth. You may also wish to change the way that you chew to avoid putting further stress on the painful tooth – perhaps chewing on one side of your mouth more than the other for the time being.


If you’re struggling with tooth pain and feel like you need instant relief, you may wish to get some over the counter medication such as paracetamol or aspirin. These medications can be effective at quickly reducing your symptoms and dulling down sharp pain. Make sure that you always read the information leaflets and abide by the correct dosage. If you aren’t sure what medication to take, speak to a pharmacist.

Go to the dentist

Whilst some tooth pain might disappear on its own, others won’t. if you’re experiencing severe pain for prolonged periods of time, then it’s time to make an appointment with your dentist. It’s always better to get something checked out than leaving it to get worse. Your dentist will be able to establish the cause of the pain and put you on the correct course of treatment.