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Airflow System

Airflow System

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If you’re interested in having your teeth cleaned, you may want to consider opting for a polish that uses an airflow system. The process of polishing teeth cleans them, removes surface stains, removes dental plaque and creates a brighter smile. These results are not possible with brushing alone, which is why polishing is recommended. Though there are other methods to choose from, none achieve the same impressive results as an airflow system. An airflow system uses a jet of water and polishing powder under high pressure to reach every area around a tooth, rather than water and a gritty paste which can be limited.

The Benefits of Using an Airflow System

  • Complete Stain Removal – An airflow system can polish into tiny pits and fissures on the surface of the tooth along with the sides and difficult to reach areas. This enables complete stain removal which ensures a much lighter and brighter smile.
  • Better Quality Cleaning – As an airflow system uses a very fine and precise jet of water, it’s able to provide an extremely high-quality tooth clean. Rather than simply polishing the surfaces of a tooth, it also reaches much deeper into the periodontal pockets around the tooth under the gumline. This can help to reduce gum inflammation when combined with good oral hygiene.
  • Pre-Whitening – Before tooth whitening treatments an airflow polish is recommended as it removes all staining, plaque and biofilm from the surface of the tooth which ensures an even lightening effect from professional whitening treatments carried out by your dentist.
  • More Comfortable for Patients – The polishing powder that’s used in airflow systems can be a lot more comfortable than the paste that’s used in more traditional methods; it’s finer, less gritty and can be flavoured. With airflow polishing, there’s minimal discomfort.
  • Faster Cleaning is Possible – Airflow polishing is a lot quicker than other methods of polishing, and it removes stains and plaque with ease. In total, an airflow polishing treatment takes around 4 minutes of a 30-minute hygiene appointment.
  • Helps With Sensitive Teeth – Those who suffer from sensitive teeth can benefit from airflow polishing as teeth aren’t subjected to heat and vibration. Plus, the small particles of powder used in airflow polishing can help to reduce sensitivity by filling any exposed areas.

Airflow System at Post House Dental

At Post House Dental, we work hard to ensure that our patients have everything they need. Regardless of dental treatment or procedure, we want to make sure that our patients have the very best. This is why we work with an airflow system for teeth polishing. To find out more about airflow systems at Post House Dental or any of our other services, get in touch. Contact Post House Dental today and speak to a member of our dental team.

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Book your appointment online

See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.