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Dental Air Polish

Dental Air Polish

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What is a dental air polish and how does it differ from traditional polishing treatments?

Air polishing is a treatment that your dental hygienist will offer. It is a gentle technique that uses a targeted jet of compressed air that is mixed with water and either sodium bicarbonate or glycine powders. This is all delivered through a small nozzle.

While it is a pain-free and simple technique, it has been proven to be very effective at removing stains from the surface of teeth. As well as removing trapped food debris and plaque build-up from between the teeth.

Because the treatment is so gentle and pain-free, it is ideal for treating children and those with sensitive gums and teeth. Despite being so gentle air polishing can remove some of the worst staining from teeth, such as stains caused by drinking coffee, tea and red wine, as well as tobacco stains left by smoking.

Air polish VS traditional clean and polish

Many people prefer having an air polish rather than a standard clean and polish often performed by their dentist. This is because air polishing is not only gentler, but it is far less costly to have than a standard clean and polish.

And since air polish removes stains from the surface of your teeth, as well as between teeth, you will be left with super-smooth feeling teeth and a really clean smile.

Air polishing also means that the surface of your tooth enamel will be left intact. With most other methods of cleaning, the vibration from cleaning head tools can sometimes cause surface wear or tiny fractures in the enamel of weaker teeth.

It is also safe to use air polishing on dental implants as a way to keep them clean and stain free. For those with tooth sensitivity, air polishing can be far more comfortable because it doesn’t generate any heat during the treatment that can cause pain in your teeth.

Check with your hygienist

If you want to know more about air polishing and whether your dentist offers this service, then talk to your dental hygienist. They will be able to confirm all the details of this service and can explain how air polishing can benefit your teeth. This is especially important if you have sensitive teeth or are receiving any dental treatments that could make a standard clean or a deeper scale and polish more difficult.

For example, if you are wearing a permanent brace to help straighten your teeth, it can be difficult for you to reach all of your teeth with a toothbrush. Food particles and plaque can build up or get trapped under the wires of your brace. Having an air polish will be a great way to remove any hidden plaque build-up or debris that are stuck in your brace.

Air polishing and teeth whitening

If you have just undergone a teeth whitening treatment with your dentist, then you will want to make sure that your teeth remain looking clean and bright for as long as possible.

One way to help keep your teeth looking whiter for longer is to book an appointment with your hygienist for an air-polishing treatment. Air polishing will help to remove the first signs of stain build-up from the surface of your teeth and can be used as a regular top-up to keep your teeth stain-free and looking bright!

For more information on our air polishing treatment, please contact us today.

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Book your appointment online

See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.