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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

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A Smile Makeover is a procedure done to improve and enhance the appearance of a patient’s natural smile. Patients elect to get smile makeovers for various reasons, but all of them are done for the purpose of having a better smile. Post House Dental is your destination for Smile Makeover in Surrey. The dentists will create a patient’s smile makeover plan based on the patient’s skin tone, hair colour, facial appearance, teeth colour and shape, gum tissue and lip structure. From that point, the type of cosmetic procedures needed will be determined, such as:

The dentist must examine the patient and consider the patient’s overall oral health prior to any treatments for the Smile Makeover. If the patient has support, teeth and/or gum issues, he or she may qualify for a smile makeover. However, if underlying oral health issues are present, the dentist will not be able to prescribe a treatment plan for a Smile Makeover until after the treatment plan for the oral health issues is taken care of first.

Cost of a Smile Makeover

The overall cost of a patient’s Smile Makeover will depend on a variety of factors: choice of dentist, overall oral health, and the number of procedures done, type of material used. Depending on the condition of the existing teeth, certain stabilisation work may need to be carried out which can increase the cost.

Target Areas for a Smile Makeover

The following target areas are specific issues dentists address when they give a patient a smile makeover:

  1. Enhancing Tooth Color: Many patients swap out old amalgam and silver fillings for tooth-coloured fillings. Also, the dentist can perform teeth whitening procedures to remove stains and enhance the colour of dull teeth.
  2. Improving Tooth Length: Gummy smiles and worn-down teeth tend to make people look older. Therefore, dentists can remedy the problem by getting rid of a gummy smile and by reshaping teeth to make them appear longer (which also makes the appearance more youthful. Long teeth lend a youthful appearance.  A referral to a periodontist is done when a patient needs crown lengthening.
  3. Repairing Gaps and Misalignments: Straightening and alignment treatments via Invisalign or veneers are available for those who have overlapped, gapped or crooked.
  4. Balancing a Smile: Cosmetic bonding for cracked and uneven tooth decreases the appearance of a gummy smile and improves the overall appearance of one’s smile.
  5. Restoring Missing Teeth: A smile is always marred when there’s a visible missing tooth, but it can also accelerate the chances of further tooth decay. Therefore, getting a replacement tooth via implants, partial dentures or bridges is a viable solution to remedy an unattractive smile and improve oral health.
  6. Creating a Fuller Look for Cheeks and Lips: Specific orthodontic treatments (like braces) combined with oral maxillofacial surgery can give the face a shapely and more youthful look.

Dental Composite Bonding Mockup

Dental composite bonding is often used to give the patient a mockup of the actual makeover. This procedure is only a temporary bond, so the patient can get a feel for how the real procedure will fit. This procedure also allows the dentist to perform alterations to the solution prescribed until the patient is satisfied with the fit.  The benefit of a mockup is there is no effect on the teeth once they are removed.

Makeover Upkeep

The smile makeover may require further work for general upkeep. Sometimes chipped and broken porcelain veneers must be replaced. Crowns must be replaced after 10 or 15 years. Whitened teeth need to be whitened again, and stains on composites may have to be removed. Having the right dentist will also help ensure the patient gets the most out of the work done.

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See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.