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Wondering when to see a periodontist? A periodontist is a healthcare professional who specialises in periodontitis. Otherwise known as gum disease. This is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and bone surrounding your teeth.

A periodontist will be able to diagnose and treat periodontitis. Alongside preventing it from occurring or worsening. Treatments for periodontitis can vary from plaque removal to surgical solutions. Therefore it’s key to see a periodontist if you have any concerns about your dental well-being. So, when might you need to see a periodontist?

Loose teeth

It’s always concerning to feel loose or wobbly teeth, and this could be a result of thinning or bone infections caused by periodontitis. If you’ve noticed that one or a few of your teeth have become loose, seeing a periodontist is certainly recommended.

A changed bite

As with loose teeth, if you notice a change in your bite you may need a trip to a periodontist. Like loose or wobbly teeth, a changed bite may mean that your teeth have shifted. This could be rooted in a deeper problem with the soft tissue and bone that supports your teeth.

Gums are red or swollen

Red, swollen or bleeding gums can be painful and distressing, especially whilst brushing or flossing. They can also be the root of a number of different dental conditions including gingivitis, periodontitis or a dental abscess. If you notice that your gums are red, swollen or bleeding, a periodontist will be able to determine the cause and help to treat the problem.

Receding gums

Gum recession is when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth wears away. This creates gaps between the gum and the tooth and becomes a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria. This means that infections become more likely. The good thing about gum recession is that it’s easy to spot. Therefore, if you’re worried, then book an appointment with your periodontist.

A bad taste

If you notice that you regularly have a bad or unpleasant taste in your mouth, you may need to see a periodontist. This is because a lingering bad taste can be one of the early signs of periodontitis, as the gums are infected with bacteria. Whilst the bad taste may turn out to be something else, such as a dietary related issue, it is certainly worth getting it checked out to determine whether you may have periodontitis.

Pain and discomfort

Whenever we feel pain or discomfort in our mouths, we should consider seeing a dental professional. The pain may be rooted in a particular tooth, or it could be a more widespread problem with our general oral hygiene. Your dentist will be able to determine the cause of the problem and will recommend making an appointment with a periodontist if he or she feels it is necessary. So, if you ever have concerns about pains in your teeth or gums, make sure you schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Worried about gum disease? Book an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible.