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Since 1978

The Practice

Post House Dental is a contemporary dental practice that has been serving the Weybridge community for over 35 years, situated in a traditional building. Our team of highly skilled and friendly staff are committed to postgraduate education to ensure that we maintain exceptional standards of clinical care and patient service.

Our practice incorporates state-of-the-art dental equipment, including surgical microscopes and hard and soft tissue lasers, while promoting progressive techniques such as biomimetic and preventative dentistry. We place great emphasis on evidence-based dentistry and therefore all our treatments and techniques undergo rigorous testing before being implemented.

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Why Choose Us

Our team is comprised of skilled, experienced, and friendly professionals
We utilise cutting-edge dental equipment and offer aesthetic treatments
We prioritize evidence-based dentistry
We advocate for biomimetic and preventative approaches
Surgical Microscope

Surgical Microscope

Magnification is a crucial aspect of dentistry that is often overlooked and not emphasized in traditional teaching. However, at Post House Dental, we recognize its importance and use magnification in almost all procedures, including simple examinations, tooth preparations, and root canal treatments. This approach leads to exceptional precision and predictability in our treatments, yielding outstanding results.

Our microscopes come equipped with high-definition still and video photography, which enable us to document and explain procedures in great detail, offering our patients an opportunity to observe and comprehend the intricacies of their treatments.

Dental Lasers

At our dental practice, we employ an advanced dental laser to treat gum disease gently and effectively, usually without requiring numbing anesthesia. This innovative approach effectively halts the progression of tooth and bone-destroying disease. In fact, laser treatment eliminates the need for conventional and often painful gum surgery in up to 75% of cases.

For patients who experience anxiety or discomfort during traditional drilling procedures, our hard tissue laser provides a vibration and pain-free alternative for preparing tooth cavities.

Dental lasers
Digital X-Rays

Digital X Rays

Our dental practice utilizes digital x-ray technology, which involves taking an image of the teeth or gums and processing it using specialized software. This approach offers our dentists an enhanced view of the teeth, gums, and bones, enabling us to provide our patients with more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.

Furthermore, digital x-rays offer a significant benefit to our patients as they expose them to nearly 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. This reduced radiation is due to the increased sensitivity of digital x-ray sensors and their design to prioritize patient safety and comfort.

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