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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

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Many people go through their adult life without losing a tooth, but this cannot be said for everyone. Whether you have lost teeth due to gum disease or through an accident, it’s always best to have the teeth replaced as soon as possible. This cuts down on the chances of bigger problems occurring. Luckily, Post House Dental is able to help. We have worked with a number of patients who have lost teeth over the years, which means our experience extends far and wide.

Why Are Missing Teeth a Problem?

Though you may not think missing a tooth is common, it actually is. A number of people are missing teeth, either from them naturally falling out or from an accident. Having missing teeth can be a problem, which is why most people choose to have the problem fixed. Missing teeth can:

  • Prevent you from eating the types of food you’d like to, which can affect your diet.
  • Restrict your ability to bite and chew adequately, which can affect your diet.
  • Hinder your speech or cause you to speak poorly.
  • Create a smile you are unhappy with, which can lead to problems with confidence and self-esteem.

As you can see, missing teeth can be a bigger problem than you initially thought. This is why we recommend seeking professional dental assistance as soon as possible. The quicker you take action, the quicker the problem can be fixed.

What Happens If You’re Missing Teeth?

If you are missing a tooth, we can help. At Post House Dental, we have a range of different options when it comes to replacing one tooth or many. Dentures are a popular option and one that some people choose, but this can cause gums to recede and dentures do tend to move around. This is why we’d recommend having dental implants to secure the denture.

People who wear dentures often complain that their dentures are uncomfortable or unstable, which is why we work hard to ensure precision is taken into account. By fitting implants into the mouth in a precise way, we cut down on the risk of there being troubled when eating or talking. After all, wouldn’t you prefer a denture that doesn’t move?

Dental implants are a fantastic way to hold the denture in place; this can be done with a bar and magnets or by setting the teeth into the mouth and fitting them on a more permanent basis. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to be happy with the result.

Treating Missing Teeth at Post House Dental

At Post House Dental, we are on hand to help whenever you find yourself with missing teeth. Regardless of the cause of severity, we are able to fit dental implants in a professional and high-quality way.

When you come to Post House Dental, we take the time to get to know you and your teeth. This allows us to ensure we’re offering the very best of treatments. If you have any questions about missing teeth or dental implants, we’re on hand to answer any of your questions.

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Book your appointment online

See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.