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Over Dentures

Over Dentures

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The term ‘over dentures’ is used to describe the replacement teeth that are held in place by a dental implant. So an overdenture is the actual visible part of your replacement tooth that is made to look and function just like a real tooth.

The actual dental implant is the tiny titanium screw or post that is inserted into your jaw bone. This acts as a permanent anchor for your overdenture to sit upon. You can think of an implant as the root of your replacement tooth and the overdenture as your new tooth.

Who can have dental implants?

Dental implants are prescribed for patients that have suffered tooth loss, whether that be a single tooth or multiple teeth lost from an accident or injury.

Usually, people that have multiple missing teeth or have lost all of their teeth are treated with partial or complete dentures. However, as long as you have good oral health with a stable jaw bone that is able to support dental implants, this is the better option to choose for long term sustainability and longevity.

What are the benefits of having replacement teeth?

There are two sides to enjoying good dental health and having a full set of working teeth. Firstly, your teeth are the first line of your digestive system. Your teeth act to bite and chew your food and mix it with saliva to make your food easy to swallow.

This, in turn, helps to promote better digestion of the food you consume. If you have missing teeth and have poorly fitting dentures, then you may well have experienced difficulty chewing and swallowing your food, sometimes causing indigestion as a result.

The strength of your jaw bone can also be improved and sustained through having dental implants. The metal rod supporting your overdenture within your jaw bone will continue to stimulate new bone loss and regeneration through normal biting and chewing action.

Are over dentures better than complete denture?

Although they both are removable replacement options, overdenture tends to prevent any further bone resorption because of the presence of natural roots/titanium rod underneath.

How overdentures can improve your self-esteem

Failing to replace missing teeth can have a negative effect on your bone structure. This means that your body will start to naturally reabsorb the bones and tissues that surrounded your missing tooth. This can prematurely age your face and make you self-conscious about your smile or showing your teeth.

Replacing your missing teeth can not only help your teeth and jaws function as they should, but your over dentures also help to retain your facial features and prevent your cheeks and mouth from sagging and sinking to make your face look drawn, hollow and unhealthy.

Having your teeth replaced will also mean that you can get your smile back. You will no longer feel anxious about smiling in public or feel the need to hide away the gaps in your teeth.

Restore your natural smile and happiness

The type of overdenture treatment that you will be suitable for will all depend on the health of your existing teeth, gums and supporting jaw bone. Your dentist will be able to give you a thorough check-up and assess your suitability for either teeth implants or dental bridges.

There is no need to worry about the appearance of your over dentures because your dentist will make sure that your replacement teeth will look and feel as natural as possible – right down to matching the colour of your overdentures with your natural teeth!

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See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.