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Restoration of the failing dentition

Restoration of the failing dentition

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Dental treatment for trauma or dental decay requires lifelong maintenance and protection. Fillings, crowns and bridgework may not last a lifetime and these teeth may be susceptible to further decay or breakdown. Acid erosion, tooth grinding (also known as bruxism) and over-brushing can also lead to tooth tissue loss. We sometimes fail to realise that we use our teeth daily for cutting and chewing food, as well as to aid speech, which over the long term can cause wear and tear. Combined with multiple fillings and restorative treatment, you may find that eventually the condition of your teeth and your dental work will begin to fail and need replacement or an alternative option.

Treatment options

Treatment to restore your failing dentition can vary extensively. It may start with periodontal treatment to improve the strength and health of the gums which support your teeth. Bonded composite restorations or white tooth coloured fillings are a very effective solution to restoring broken or decayed teeth by mechanically bonding to the remaining healthy tooth, provided there is enough tooth structure to support this. Sometimes, due to extensive decay, trauma or discolouration, a directly bonded restoration may not suffice and the tooth may require extra coverage and protection in the form of a veneercrown or onlay. Your smile is very important to us here at Post House Dental, and for that reason we rely on ceramic materials, incorporating the most advanced technologies and techniques to custom make your indirect restoration in one of our carefully selected laboratories.

As dentists, we aim to preserve and maintain the life of every injured tooth. However, when this is not possible and the tooth requires extraction, or for spaces with already missing teeth, implants provide an ideal fixed solution to bring back your self-confidence. Bridges can also be used as another alternative to replace missing teeth, and despite the advancement of implant technology, bridges can provide an excellent long-term solution in the correct situations. Cobalt-chrome dentures can provide an excellent alternative to replacing multiple missing teeth utilising support from structurally sound teeth and reducing the rate of bone shrinkage.

Signs that you may need treatment

There are numerous signs that you may be suffering from to indicate that your teeth or existing treatment may be failing. The most common being repeated failure of fillings and crowns. You will also benefit from treatment to restore your failing dentition if you suffer from chipped, short or uneven teeth, broken teeth, sensitivity, cavities, food trapping, discoloured teeth, persistent pain, swelling or bleeding and missing teeth.

Advantage of treatment

Failing teeth can lead to severe pain and infection. The inability of teeth to function to their full potential can affect the way we eat and speak. Teeth can also affect the way we look and feel. Aims of treatment are essential to prevent pain, restore the function of teeth and to provide an aesthetic result so that you can love your teeth with great confidence.

Restoration Solutions at Post House Dental

Here at Post House Dental, our trained team can guide you through the multiple treatment options to find the best solution to meet your needs aesthetically, functionally and financially. Treatment starts with a full case assessment which may comprise of an in-depth examination, radiography, photography and impressions to replicate your teeth and jaw positioning. Using this information we are able to construct a mock-up of the final restorative treatment.

To find out more about Post House Dental or for more information on restoring your failing dentition, please get in touch. By speaking to one of our trained team, you’ll be beginning your journey to a healthy, functioning and aesthetically pleasing mouth.

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Book your appointment online

See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.