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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

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What is a Tooth Extraction?

Although it is our preference to save teeth where possible, there are certain situations where a tooth must be removed to allow your mouth to properly heal. This process is known as an extraction. When there is extensive decay, damage or an infection that cannot be treated by other means, it is best to remove the tooth to prevent an abscess forming or spreading.

Extractions are safe and routine dental procedures. Prior to carrying out this procedure, your dentist will ensure they have carried out an oral examination and relevant x-rays– this allows them to make an assessment of the tooth and surrounding tissues and ensure proper measures are taken.

Just like other routine dental treatment, extractions are normally carried out with local anaesthetic, meaning you are numbed gently but remain conscious, so it is perfectly safe to drive and go back to your routine afterwards, with some simple precautions that will be discussed with you before the treatment.

I am very nervous of having a tooth removed, what do I do?

It is completely normal to feel a bit anxious prior to a procedure, and something we encounter and manage every day. We pride ourselves in helping anxious and nervous patients through procedures and ensure every step is taken in making them comfortable.

In cases where there is specific and complex medical health or anxiety levels are particularly high, we offer conscious sedation – where you will be given sedatives to help you relax and allow us to carry out your care in a safe and gentle manner. For more information on sedation and if this appropriate for you, speak to your dentist when you come into the practice.

What happens after?

Following an extraction, we will discuss the appropriate measures and adjustments that we recommend for you to take during the ensuing 10-14 days. These will usually be based around minimising irritation to the area, resting where possible and the use of antiseptic mouth washes to help the area heal correctly.

Once the tooth is removed and the area has healed, there are many options you can consider to replace the tooth and fill the space in your mouth. These options will vary according to your teeth, mouth and general health – we encourage you to discuss this with us both before and after having your extraction, so you can plan appropriately. For your bespoke treatment options feel free to ask your Dentist at your assessment, we will be happy to go through these with you in detail.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth

Some of the most common teeth to require extraction are the wisdom teeth. These are the third set of molar teeth at the very back of the mouth, both at the top and bottom. Due to the space available for these teeth it is commonly found that the wisdom teeth don’t come through in a favourable position, and will often be found at differing angles and inclinations, meaning they will either be prevented from fully coming through, or can cause trauma to the cheek when biting and chewing.

In these situations we would normally recommend considering removing the wisdom teeth. The removal of wisdom teeth can be a little more challenging as they are so far back in the mouth, and often not fully through the gum.

Often, a 3D xray (A Cone Beam CT Scan – CBCT) is required to visualise the tooth in detail before the tooth is removed. With our state of the art scanning facilities in house, we can take these scans and provide an assessment without you having to go elsewhere for the xrays. We are pleased to be able to offer wisdom tooth removal with one of our experienced Surgical Dentists. For more information please feel free to ask us and we will be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

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See our clinician availability and book a slot that works best around your schedule. Only Private appointments are bookable.