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A Dental crown safeguard and supports teeth and offers additional protection to teeth damaged by injury or decay. They’re designed to preserve your natural tooth or the remnants of the natural tooth. There are several different types of tooth crowns, some designed purely for durability (metal-based crowns), others for aesthetics (porcelain), and some combine both (porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns).

This blog discusses the cost of a dental crown in the UK.

The different types of dental crown

Full crowns are the most popular kind of crown for dental use. This type of crown covers the entire upper part of one’s tooth. The second type of crown is termed partial crown. Instead of covering the rest of the tooth structure completely, a partial crown covers the portion and exposes some natural tooth enamel.

The partial crown can be made in a laboratory, just like a normal crown, and it is put on the tooth in the office.

When should you get a dental crown?

A dental crown could save your oral condition from further damage.

  • You have an accident or an injury to your tooth.
  • You notice a decay.
  • The previous implant was badly placed.
  • The implant you have been using has become loose.
  • You have had the procedure of a root canal.

The cost variations in dental crown

The price of dental crowns depends on several aspects, such as the type of crown you select. Most of the time, the crowns that cost the least are made of stainless steel or full-metal tooth crowns. Crowns made of stainless steel can cost between £250 to £400 (not including the procedure and any cost of treatment).

In contrast, the most expensive dental crowns are made from metals and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. As the name implies are made of a combination of porcelain and metal, mixing the natural beauty of porcelain with the durability of steel to provide a long-lasting dental crown. PFM crowns range from £800 to £1,200.

The average cost of dental crown price cost in the UK

Costs in Private clinics are usually higher than in the NHS. Also, the costs of dental crowns in private clinics vary based on the procedure and material used. 

The typical cost for porcelain crowns in the UK ranges from £670 to £850, depending on your selection procedure. NHS dental crowns fall within the Band 3 treatment charge of around £319.10. Regardless of the number of crowns you need, they are included in the exact course of treatment. However, the waiting times can be extremely long for porcelain crowns.

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Do dental crowns last for a long time?

Dental crowns can last for a lifetime if a healthy oral routine is observed with the tooth installed to prevent any bacteria from entering. However, they’re not made to last for a lifetime, and most dental crowns last between 5 and twenty years (depending on various aspects). collect more information about Post House Dental UK.