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Invisalign braces are clear and go on the back of the teeth. This means that they are virtually invisible to others. But, is Invisalign worth it in the long-run?

Most people don’t feel overwhelmed with happiness when they hear they need braces. We might picture old fashioned metal braces that are uncomfortable or unsightly. However, the introduction of invisalign means that having braces doesn’t have to significantly impact our appearance in a way it once did.

How do they work?

Invisalign aligners are made from a thermoplastic material which is specially moulded and created to fit your teeth. The first mould will be created to last approximately two weeks, allowing your teeth to move together. Once the movement has occurred, you will need new aligners, and the process continues. You will be able to remove the aligners when you eat, brush your teeth and floss. The aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours a day for the best results. The length of time you need to wear the aligners for will depend on the severity of the situation.

Less noticeable

Many people find invisalign braces preferable because they are less noticeable. Whilst some people find metal braces unattractive and feel self-conscious about revealing their teeth, invisalign braces are subtle and do not impact a person’s smile. However, the way you feel about the appearance of braces is entirely personal, and may not be a cause for concern.


The fact that invisalign braces are removable makes them much easier to work with. This is because you can remove them when eating. Whilst metal braces can be problematic when eating and you may need to restrict what food you can eat, with invisalign braces you can eat and drink as normal, provided you fit the aligners back in afterwards. Being able to remove them to brush your teeth also means you can keep up a regular oral hygiene routine and don’t need to worry about any discolouring.

Less pain and discomfort

Generally, invisalign braces are considered to be a less painful option. This is because they don’t involve metal wires or brackets which might rub or catch. The aligners cause pressure on the teeth that may be initially uncomfortable, but this is something that people get used to fairly quickly. Additionally, appointment times at the orthodontist are generally considered to be quicker and more straight forward with invisalign braces. Instead of having new wires fitted, you are simply given a new set of aligners.

How much do they cost?

The main factor that puts people off when considering whether to get invisalign braces is the cost, which starts at around £1,500. Whilst this is comparable to metal braces, if you are on the fence about getting any kind of braces this may seem like a huge investment. However, there are plenty of payment plans that you can follow. If you are concerned about the cost of invisalign braces, speak to your dental practice to discuss the potential options.

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