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Post House Dental is a modern clinic operating in Surrey, UK, for more than 35 years. Weybridge professionals use cutting-edge dental technology for all types of advanced dental practice treatments. We also utilise the latest techniques in preventative and biomimetic dentistry.

This blog discusses the various dental treatments offered at Post House Dental UK.

What are the Dental Treatments offered in Post House Dental?

The clinic specialises in various dental sectors, namely:

  • General Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Advanced Dentistry
  • Facial Aesthetics

Advanced Technologies Used in Post House Dental

Post House Dental uses magnification to perform everything, from simple exams to dental preparation and root canal treatment. The results guarantee the highest levels of precision and predictability for our procedures.

We also use sophisticated dental lasers that can gently but effectively deal with the damage of gum disease, usually without anaesthesia that numbs. It can stop the progress of tooth gum disease. Laser treatment can help reduce the need for conventional painful and often painful gum surgery in 75% of instances.

The advanced digital x-ray enables dentists to take an image of your tooth or teeth and then put it in an imaging program which allows the dentist to get a clearer view of your gums, teeth, and bone. 

General Dentistry Treatments

Post House Dental provides General Dentistry treatments to the public, intending to prevent all oral health issues. General dentistry is a method of maintaining good oral hygiene. A variety of factors are involved in taking good care of your dental. 

If you practice the basic oral routines like brushing, flossing, maintaining a balanced diet and visiting your dentist regularly, you can guarantee that you will be free of decay, enamel wear, gum disease, and other factors that can create problems.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

The Cosmetic Dentistry provided by Post House Dental focuses on smile makeover treatments like dental veneers, dental crowns, braces and teeth whitening procedures to provide you with an attractive smile. The team at Post House Dental have years of experience in teeth makeovers and has assisted patients in enhancing their smiles. 

The specialists will create a plan to makeover the patient smile based on the tooth’s form, colour and shape. The most commonly used techniques for smile makeovers include teeth Whitening, Composite bonding, Dental veneers, and teeth straightening with braces.

Implant Dentistry Treatments

Weybridge dentists also specialise in implant dentistry which is the best way to restore a natural smile. Dental implants play an essential part in keeping the health of your mouth. Dental professionals can determine the most suitable dental replacement solution based on the number of teeth missing uk

The types of dental implants are single tooth dental implants, implant-supported dental implants, all on 4 dental implants.

One tooth replacement can be a reliable procedure to replace one missing tooth and prevent damage to neighbouring teeth. Multiple tooth replacements are efficient in replacing multiple damaged teeth. Multiple dental implants can restore teeth by using bridges or crowns supported by the neighbouring tooth. 

An all-inclusive dental implant is the procedure replacement of all teeth in patients’ lower or upper jaws. When all teeth have been broken or have decayed the all-on 4 implant procedure is performed.

Advanced Dentistry Treatments

Advanced dentistry treatments like Flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery, bone grafting, and Regeneration of tissue are performed at Post House Dental Clinic for advanced gum disease or periodontitis cases. 

The most common reason for gum diseases is Plaque development. Other factors, such as hormonal changes, illnesses or medications, smoking, and family history, could also cause gum disease. The Advanced treatment for Gum Disease is based on the degree of disease. 

Facial Aesthetics Treatments 

Weybridge Clinic also offers Facial Aesthetics treatments to smoothen skin and eliminate wrinkles. Skin resurfacing treatment uses lasers and intense pulsed light chemical peels or dermabrasions, which results in healthier and younger skin that heals faster and appears radiant. 

Similarly, Laser treatment can raise the temperature of Dermis, which results in collagen production, enhancing the look of the skin.

Final Thoughts!

The team at Post House Dental ensure that we offer a wide range of dental procedures such as sinus lifts and facial improvement. Starting with the initial consultation and continuing through the final treatment, you’ll experience the most remarkable dental sinus experience. Contact us for more information regarding dental treatments.

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