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A tooth replacement is necessary only when the tooth is beyond repair, and even a root canal treatment is of no use. When a patient needs false teeth replacement, the best option is dental implants. There are many kinds of dental implants as per the requirements, but they all require minor surgery. A dental bone graft surgery is necessary when a patient’s bone is weak for a tooth implant.

When a patient needs an implant, but the bone is thin and weak, we suggest having a bone graft or a sinus lift surgery. This treatment is used to make some extra space for the implant. 

This blog will discuss bone grafting and sinus lift treatment from Post House Dental

What is a Sinus cavity?

All of us have sinuses. They are small cavities inside the skull. When tooth loss occurs, the bone around the sinus may recede, and it could expand into the surrounding area. Initially, this may not be a big issue, but it can make it difficult to get a dental implant. 

When you require an implant for your teeth, this could cause a major problem as there may be a bone shortage that can support the implant. This is the point where a sinus lift comes into the picture.

What is a dental bone graft?

Bone grafting is the surgical transfer process of healthy bone tissue to make new supporting tissues and bone. Implants that are utilized for dental reasons require the process of osseointegration. 

This means that the implant connects to the bone to create a solid foundation. Implant placement isn’t possible when there’s not enough bone.

What is the difference between sinus lift and dental bone graft? 

Sinus lifts and bone grafts are slightly different, but both are utilized to complete the same goal. These procedures create a sturdy platform on which dental implants are placed.

A bone graft is taken from the body of an animal or donor or from your own body. It is then inserted inside the gum line during an easy surgical procedure and healed.

A sinus lift is similar, but it is applied to the upper teeth. An opening is created within your gums, and the nasal membrane lifts and bone-filling powder is injected inside the space. The bone will blend with the tissue surrounding it in time, becoming stronger.

What are the different kinds of dental bone graft treatments?

Socket graft. 

This is one of the most sought-after methods of bone grafting. It involves grafting new bone in the socket to create solid foundations for dental implants.

Block bone graft. 

This kind of graft may be used if the jaw has been subjected to significant trauma. The bone is removed from the jaw’s back and then secured by titanium screws until it binds to bone tissue surrounding it.

Lateral ridge preservation graft.

Human bone can be used to increase the jaw size of a patient whose jaw is not wide enough. Size enough to support implants.

Sinus Lift procedure. 

This kind of bone transplantation is utilized for upper jaw implants when it is needed. The upper jaw isn’t sturdy enough to support an implant independently. In order to encourage bone growth, the bones are placed in the sinus cavities.

What is the procedure of dental bone graft?

To avoid discomfort, anesthesia is given before the procedure. After cleansing the area prior to the procedure, the dentist will create a cut through your gums to expose the area that requires the bone graft. The dentist will then take the bone in a small amount from another area of your body or apply a specific bone-grafting material that is designed to place it on the bone of your jaw.

Recovery and Aftercare

It can take a few months for the process of healing to be completed. The jawbone can heal, allowing implant dental to be secure. After placing the implants, it can take some time until the jawbone heals before the dental crown abutment can be secured.

Your dentist will provide instructions on how you can take care of the jaw bone while it is healing. It is important to avoid touching the wound and eat only soft foods. Make use of hot saltwater rinses every day to mash potatoes, oatmeal, and smoothies.

We are at Post House Dental ensure that we can offer a wide variety of dental services, including sinus lifts and facial enhancement. Starting with the first consultation to the completed treatment, you will receive an unbeatable sinus lift experience. Contact us for more information about sinus lifts or any other services.