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Various reasons cause tooth loss, such as poor hygiene, tartar and plaque buildup, tooth decay and gum disease. Dental implant made up of an artificial root are implanted inside your jawbone to provide a long-lasting, sturdy foundation and structure to support the replacement tooth. Implants differ from other alternatives for replacing teeth since it doesn’t just replace the tooth but also the root. 

Dental implants are considered the best option for a set of missing teeth as they last for even a lifetime. This blog explains the cost of a dental implant and dental crown in the UK.

Cost of a Dental Implant

Various elements affect the cost of dental implants. The cost of an implant depends on 

  • The number of teeth missing that need to be replaced. 
  • The type of material utilised in the implant.
  • The type of dental implant is required.

The cost ultimately depends on your requirements.

The average price for dental implants in a private clinic in the UK could range from £ 1500 up to £ 5500. 

Why are dental implants expensive?

The cost of dental implants includes the components for the dental implant and the price of the process itself.

Material used

Dental Implants are constructed from biocompatible materials. Since implants are inserted into the jaw bone directly, they join the bone and merge into it. This is known as osseointegration. That’s why only the finest quality of materials is recommended.

The most widely utilised material is titanium and has been used for many years. It’s been proved suitable for the integration of living tissue and as an excellent substance for implants in the dental field. A dental implant can last up to 20 to 30 years if properly maintained.

The procedure also has the highest success rate. This is why titanium has become the most popular material used in dental implants.

The procedure

The actual costs are incurred during the planning stage and the actual procedure. The entire procedure is complex is carried out by an experienced surgeon after determining whether the bone density is enough to support the implant. Once everything is completed, the implant is created in the appropriate size and is incorporated into the jaw. Depending on the situation, the entire process can be anywhere between 6 to 8 months.

Dental Crown

Finally, the dentist places a dental crown on top to cover your artificial tooth. This will prevent further damage or fracture. A Zirconia crown can cost from £ 600 to £ 800. The amount of porcelain fused to the crown is estimated to be £ 800 to £ 300. Whereas a porcelain crown made of all-porcelain can cost anything from £ 400 to £ 1200. 

Overall Cost

The stages you can count on comprise of:

  • Consultation
  • X rays
  • Dental Implantation in your jaw
  • Osseointegration and healing. 
  • Placing a crown.
  • And follow-up appointment.

With everything considered, the most reasonable price to expect from the UK is around £ 5500.

We hope this blog has given some insight into the dental implant and the reason for its price. For more information, visit the Post House Dental website.