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Good oral hygiene can ensure your teeth are well-maintained for a long time and help prevent gum diseases, as well as other dental issues. Prevent major health problems due to poor oral health, such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, cancer, and more, by taking preventive steps. 

Here at Weybridge dental hub, we provide various preventive dental treatments for your well-being. Our dental hygienist – Weybridge, will ensure that your oral health will be enhanced.

Some of the most common dental treatments are listed below:

Weybridge Dental Root Canal 

The root canal treatment is essential to repair damaged teeth because the tissues within these pulps become exposed to air, which can cause chronic pulp infections. These infections may cause tooth pain.

A few signs indicate patients may need the treatment of a root canal, such as extreme pain when chewing, bleeding on the gums, a cracked tooth, sensitivity to cold or hot gums, swelling of the gums, decay, or darkening gums.

Through this procedure, bacteria are eliminated by the infected root and prevent the re-infection of the tooth. In the procedure of root canal therapy, the inflamed pulp is removed and cleaned using special tools. The inner part of your tooth will be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the possibility of infection in the future.

Dental Implants Weybridge

Implants, also referred to as tooth replacement treatments are the best method to restore a natural smile. Dental implants play a crucial part in maintaining dental health. Based on the number of teeth missing, dental professionals can determine the ideal tooth replacement procedure suitable for the person.

A single tooth is a reliable procedure to replace one missing tooth and avoid harm to adjacent teeth. Multiple tooth replacements are efficient in replacing many damaged teeth. Multiple dental implants can restore teeth by using dental bridges or crowns, which are being supported by the neighboring tooth.

A complete surgical procedure for dental implants replaces all the teeth in the lower or upper jaws of the patient. This procedure can only be performed when all teeth of the patient have been broken or have decayed.

Weybridge Dental Surgery 

Some of the primary reasons for tooth removal are: Dental cavities, Gum disease, Dental infections or risk of infection, Overcrowding, Severely decayed or damaged teeth, Failed root canals, Impacted wisdom teeth. 

In order to extract a tooth, the surgeon needs to take out gum tissue as well as bone. In selected cases, it may be required to cut off a part of your teeth using drills to ensure you get the most effective outcome on the day of extraction! In the case of a wisdom tooth, the surgeon might need to extract the tooth into pieces if it’s not ready to erupt as they’re generally impacted. The procedures for replacing teeth can be carried out through bridges, crowns, and dental implants in Weybridge.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Anaesthetics are applied before the removal procedure. The dentist can use X-rays to determine the amount of tissue that needs to be extracted. This procedure could take between two and three hours, based on the dimensions of your tooth. Afterward, you’ll feel discomfort that will subside over time.

The dentist might employ an assistant to support an area of discomfort when applying pressure. After the procedure, stitches or additional techniques might be needed to stop the loss of blood. The dentist will use an extremely thick layer of gauze over your wound, and you must bite it to ensure that the process of clotting begins as quickly as possible!

Tooth extraction recovery and aftercare

The numbing drug will last just about an hour, and pain medication will generally manage the discomfort without any prescriptions from the dentist.

The surgeon or dentist will wrap the area in an extensive layer of gauze which reduces bleeding and prevents further blood from flowing out. Ice packs can aid in reducing inflammation. The process of healing can last up to two weeks before things settle down.

Other dental services at Weybridge

Teeth Whitening: Successfully correct discoloured or stained teeth that occur because of drinking coffee or sodas all day by using our treatment for teeth whitening! The procedure involves using bleaching gels with our whitening kits that return their original color in about one hour.

Inlays and Onlays: Also called indirect fillings, are made out of porcelain or composite materials, which can last longer depending on the frequency with which they are treated by an adhesive material to protect against tooth decay.

Enamel composite bonding: This method involves using an oral composite material similar to dentin and your tooth’s surface. Then, it is bonded with a high-intensity light to stick to your tooth. It can correct dental issues such as broken, chipped, or discoloured ones, giving you an appealing appearance!

Dental Veneers: These are an excellent alternative for people who have cracks or chips in their teeth. The goal of the procedure is to fix the damage caused by these imperfections and improve your smile’s appearance! It could also be a good option when whitening treatments are not suitable.