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If you’ve ever experienced any dental emergency, you would be aware of how frightening and painful it could be. 

Whether you feel soreness in your jaw, loose teeth or teeth sensitivity, you should immediately consult your dentist. It is crucial to state what you feel, where the discomfort originates, and any other causes you know of that have led to this point.

In case of dental emergencies, whom should you contact? Who will provide the necessary treatments? We are well aware that dental emergencies can be threatening and uncomfortable. This is why we schedule patients who require emergency dental care on time. 

Post House Dental provides various dental treatments, and this blog explains about the treatments offered by an emergency dentist.

Sensitivity of teeth

Sensitive teeth can be the result of a variety of causes. If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, certain actions such as eating, brushing and drinking can cause intense discomfort within your mouth. Visit your dentist! They can determine the root cause or identify the root reason for your tooth discomfort.

It is crucial to remember that although many people suffer from normal and sensitive teeth, experiencing discomfort is not normal! They may suggest using a soft-bristled toothbrush, Desensitising toothpaste and a fluoridated mouthwash for relief.

Loose tooth

Suppose you suffer from a loose tooth or a tooth that is out of alignment. In that case, It is advisable to make an emergency appointment before it gets any worse or causes additional issues.

The best choice is to wait for your dentist to check out the area and decide what treatments are required. Your dentist will examine the gums and bone surrounding the tooth and develop a solution. There are a variety of options to retain or remove the tooth. We will always suggest the most suitable replacement options to extract the tooth.

Broken tooth

Even if your tooth is barely chipped, it is recommended that it is important to check with your dentist immediately. They might repair it using tooth-coloured filling material or even a crown. Dental Veneers are also a suitable option for replacing chipped or cracked teeth. They are also available in a shade that matches your natural tooth’s colour.

Any Other Dental Emergencies

Any dental issue that requires immediate care to protect your teeth, treat your gums, stop ongoing tissue such as bleeding or discomfort can be considered an emergency in the dental field.

Final Thoughts!

You may not be aware of what a dental emergency may lead to. Therefore, it could be beneficial should you be ready for the situation. Ensure you have an emergency kit to treat dental emergencies and carry it on hand wherever you travel. If you can’t bear the pain, immediately contact your dentist. For more information, visit our website!