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What is a tooth cap? A tooth cap is also known as a dental crown. This is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, make it stronger, or improve its appearance.

The cap encases the entire visible area of the tooth and lies above the gum line. Most tooth caps are made of ceramic or porcelain and blend in with the appearance of your other teeth.

If you’ve recently been to the dentist and been informed that you need a tooth cap, you may be confused about what this means. Any dental procedure can make you feel anxious, and you’ll want to consider the pros and cons. So, why might you need a tooth cap, and what do you need to consider when making your decision?

Broken tooth

The most common reason for needing a dental crown or tooth cap is to cover or protect a broken tooth. Teeth are most commonly broken after an injury or trauma, such as during a sporting activity or accident. It can be extremely painful and leave your tooth looking and feeling very different. A tooth cap will cover the broken tooth and allow it to blend in with the appearance of your remaining teeth. It will also protect it from any further damage or infections.

Large filling

If you have a tooth that has needed several fillings, the tooth itself may be left extremely weak – or perhaps there isn’t much of it left. This means that a tooth cap may be needed to cover the tooth and protect it from damage, preventing any further loss.

Protecting a weak tooth

Alongside teeth that are weak or reduced from fillings, you may have a weak tooth because of a loss of enamel or cracking. This tooth may be painful when you eat hot or cold foods that contain lots of acid like sweets. A tooth cap will protect this tooth from further decay and help to maintain its strength.

Change the appearance

Whilst you may not have any significant damage to your teeth, your dentist may suggest a tooth cap if you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth. Perhaps you have one or two that are discoloured or don’t match the others. Whilst having a straight smile doesn’t necessarily determine the state of your health, it’s something you might want to consider, depending entirely on your own personal preference.

What to consider?

You might not be sure whether to get a tooth cap, and there are certain factors to consider. Firstly, you’ll need to be aware that it can take some time for a crown to be prepared, and therefore you probably won’t have it fitted on the same day. You will also need to consider what type of cap you would like: whether this is ceramic, porcelain, gold alloy or base metal alloy. Financial aspects may also play a part in your decision. If you have continuing concerns, speak to your dentist.

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