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One of the best ways to replace a complete set of missing teeth is implant-supported dentures. They have many advantages and functions, just like your natural teeth. Implant dentures are much more convenient than conventional dentures as they function well and help in maintaining jawbone strength. We at Post House Dental provide Dental Implant solutions for all types of oral conditions.

This blog discusses every detail you need to know about dental implants and better than other tooth replacement options.

The Procedure for an Implant-supported denture

The complete Procedure to get an implant-supported denture might take six to eight months. 

A dental specialist will insert the small screws into the jawbone to secure it. Over the following six months, the bone heals and grows surrounding the implant. At this time, the patient can wear instant dentures for temporary use. 

The specialist will perform a second surgery following the bone growth, where a locator is fixed to the implant. These locators function as the bases for the dentures. After about two to three weeks of the healing period, the denture is fixed permanently onto the implants.

Advantages of Implant-supported Dentures

There are many advantages when comped to traditional dentures. 

  • Implant dentures are better than traditional dentures as they can be removed and cleaned regularly by your dentist. 
  • These dentures allow you to eat and chew all types of food.
  • They also provide a secure fit and are also comfortable. There is much less friction on the gums.
  • The jawbone is preserved, and similarly, bone loss is avoided with the help of Implant dentures.

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How to maintain your dentures?

Clean your Implant Dentures by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste. This helps to eliminate the plaque that builds up and removes stains on the denture.

Book regular visits with your dentist to clean your dentures and check the gum tissues for signs of gum disease.

Implant-supported dentures can be detachable or permanent. Ensure to soak the dentures in the specified solution each night to disinfect them and preserve them soft.

Why should you choose Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant dentures are permanent comfortable and preserve your facial structure and jawbone. Both permanent dentures and removable dentures are available based on the patient’s oral condition. 

Unlike traditional dentures, which must be cleaned regularly, the implant-supported denture can only be removed and cleaned by your dentist. This means these dentures will function just like your natural teeth. For more information, visit the Post House Dental website.