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Do your teeth will feel soft when you move your fingers over them? If the answer is yes, congratulations! This means your teeth are perfectly clean and healthy! However, in some instances, if you have a fuzzy teeth, it’s something that indicates an issue. 

This blog discusses the treatments and remedies to eliminate fuzzy feelings from your teeth. 

What Causes Fuzzy Teeth?

The feeling of fuzziness in teeth usually occurs early in the morning.

Plaque Formation

When you don’t brush your teeth before going to bed, plaque formation can occur overnight. Additionally, saliva production drops during the night, leading to bacteria build-up.

Oxalic Acid

Acidic foods such as lemon juice, beer, or grapefruit have different oxalic acid levels. The crystals of oxalic acids spread 

on your teeth, causing the sensation of chalky teeth or gritty teeth.


Mucopolysaccharides are long-chain sugar molecules that draw bacteria. The bacteria create biofilms that build up over the teeth, causing the sensation of roughness and fuzziness.

Treatment of Fuzzy Teeth

By ensuring your gums and teeth are in good condition, you can prevent staining on your teeth’s surface. The treatment of fuzzy teeth is a non-invasive procedure performed by a dental hygienist. The goal is to eliminate tartar build-up and restore your gums and teeth to normal.

Dental Cleaning

Cleaning the initial area is accomplished by gently scraping away excess tartar using a specific instrument. It is commonly referred to as scrape polish or scale and polish.

Sonic cleaning

The majority of the tartar remains are eliminated using a sonic instrument that produces a sound that causes the tartar to harden to crack, making the removal of tartar much simpler.

High-speed cleaning 

The final step is to use a high-speed toothbrush that removes tartar and removes a lot of the surface stains off your teeth, making your teeth healthy and attractive.

Home Remedies to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Your teeth will be smooth and healthy if you stick to these simple steps.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

The fibre-rich, crunchy foods are rough and scrape away the bacteria that build up on your teeth. In addition, the fibre helps to stimulate saliva production, which cleans away food particles lingering on the surface of your teeth.

Drink Water Throughout the Day

Water can restore the pH balance in your mouth when you consume acidic foods. As with saliva, it rinses away sugars and starches that otherwise nourish the bacteria within your mouth. In addition, water bonds to the mucopolysaccharides that make up saliva, creating the appearance of a slippery substance making your teeth feel smoother.

Brush After Eating

Acidic foods can damage your enamel, increasing the chance of tooth decay. After every meal, you can eliminate acids and bacteria by brushing your teeth. Make sure you clean each tooth’s surface as otherwise, the bacteria will build up in places you haven’t.

Flossing is as important as Brushing.

Brushing can remove the build-up of acid and bacteria on both sides of your mouth. But even the finest bristles won’t get between your teeth. Therefore you should floss every time you brush. However, most experts recommend flossing at least each day for cleaner and healthier teeth.

Final Thoughts!

The tartar can build up over time. A dental cleaning at least every six months can eliminate the tartar. This will keep your teeth from becoming uncomfortable and reduce the chances to develop gum diseases. If you haven’t seen the dentist in the past, think about making an appointment. click here